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News from 2020

This webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, June 25, 2020, 11:00 UTC (convert this time to your local timezone here) and is free for DCMI members. The Wikiproject COVID-19 is working to curate and organization information about COVID-19 on Wikidata and Wikipedia. The scale and pace of a global pandemic have highlighted issues around the consistent structuring of information, such as the scope of geographically-bound statements and the time period of outbreaks, along with challenges for quickly updating information on pages across multiple languages.

This is an important announcement regarding the DCMI 2020 International Conference on Metadata, Ottawa.

Following on from the success of DCMI 2019 in Seoul (see Proceedings), we are pleased to announce the call for proposals in the DCMI 2020 International Conference on Metadata, Ottawa, Canada, 14-17 September 2020. We are grateful to Carleton University for offering to host us this year. This year's conference will mark the 25th anniversary of the original Dublin Coreā„¢ workshop. We will both reflect on two and a half decades of innovations while looking ahead to future developments.

DCMI is pleased to announce the publication by ISO of a new international standard, ISO 15836 Part 2: "DCMI Properties and classes" (ISO 15836-2:2019). In parallel, a revised specification for DCMI Metadata Terms has been published on the DCMI website. The original "Dublin Core Metadata Element Set" of fifteen elements, originally designed in the late 1990s to support the generic interoperability of resource descriptions across languages and disciplines, was first published as an ISO standard in 2003 and remains available today in a recently updated version as ISO 15836 Part 1 (ISO 15836-1:2017).