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The LRMI specification is a collection of classes, properties and concept schemes for markup and description of educational resources. The specification builds on the extensive vocabulary provided by and other standards. Read more about LRMI.

  • LRMI Terms: The current specification of LRMI Terms in RDF.

  • Concept Schemes: The LRMI concept schemes are small sets of concepts for use as values with the LRMI properties in learning resource description and Web markup. Since the properties for which these concepts are intended also exist as properties, the concepts in these concept schemes can be used with a level of certainty in Web markup. The concepts in the vocabularies have been declared in RDF using the W3C's Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS).

  • LRMI 1.1: Version 1.1 of the LRMI specification is the version created by the LRMI Project between 2011-2014 and transferred to DCMI in 2014. This version is retained as it was in 2014; newer terms are to be found in the current specification of LRMI Terms in RDF.

Informative Resources

The following resources seek to explain LRMI and provide examples of its use.

  • LRMI in one page: A one-page, non-technical description of LRMI for a general audience.

Show that you use LRMI

LRMI enhancedYou can help spread the word about LRMI by displaying one of our "LRMI enhanced" insignia. These are available from our github repository in a range of pallettes and sizes, with html snippets that you can copy and paste into your site. The HTML comes with a link to this "About LRMI" page. Of course you may if you prefer download the image to your own site and display it from there.

If you would like to tell us details about your use of LRMI, we have a short form you use for that.

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