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News from 2003

The Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative will hold its annual conference on Oct.11-14, 2004 at the Shanghai Library, in Shanghai China. The 2004 conference is sponsored in partnership with the Shanghai Library. Read the press release.

The DCMI Usage Board is pleased to announce the to the addition of two new terms, "Moving Image" and "Still Image", to the DCMI Type Vocabulary. The new terms are documented on the Web page "DCMI Metadata Terms" and in an updated RDF schema.

In a second batch after DC-2003, the Advisory Board has approved revised charters of the Accessibility, Education, Global Corporate Circle, Government, Registry and User Documentation Working Groups.

The DCMI Directorate is pleased to announce that the Expressing Dublin Core™ in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements is now a DCMI Recommendation. This document describes how a Dublin Core™ metadata record can be embedded into an HTML/XHTML Web page using HTML/XHTML elements.

Following the DC-2003 workshop sessions, several Working Groups have been revising their charters. The revised charters of the Citation, Collection Description, and Libraries Working Groups have been approved by the Advisory Board over the last month, and revised charters of the Accessibility, Agents, Education, Government, Registies, Tools and User Documentation Working Groups are under discussion.

In the last two months, a number of new chairs have been appointed. Andy Powell (UKOLN, UK) is the new chair of the Architecture Working Group; Stu Weibel (OCLC, USA) replaces José Borbinha (National Library of Portugal) as co-chair of the Agents Working Group; Helen Josephine (Intel Library, USA) and Sarah Rice (Seneb Consulting, USA) are the new co-chairs of the Global Corporate Circle; John Roberts (Archives New Zealand) replaces Andrew Wilson (National Archives of Australia) as co-chair of the Government Working Group; Karen Rollitt (National Library of New Zealand) replaces Olga Barysheva (National Library of Russia) as co-chair of the Localization and Internationalization Working Group; and Robina Clayphan (The British Library, UK) replaces Rebecca Guenther (Library of Congress, USA) as chair of the Libraries Working Group.

The DCMI Usage Board held its sixth bi-annual meeting on 27-28 September in Seattle. Topics discussed included the finalization of a decision to add "Moving Image" and "Still Image" to the DCMI Type Vocabulary; user-oriented guidance such as "Using Dublin Core™", "Guidelines for Dublin Core™ Application Profiles", and the "AskDCMI" service; the registration and identification of encoding schemes; the use of MARC Relator terms as refinements of dc:contributor; and a draft Abstract Model under discussion on the DC-Architecture list.

The Proposed Recommendation Expressing Dublin Core™ in HTML/XHTML meta and link elements is available for Public Comment from 3 through 30 November 2003. More information...

The DCMI Advisory Board, in its meeting in Seattle on 3 October 2003, discussed and approved proposals for changes in DCMI Working Groups. It was decided that all groups will from now on be called Working Groups. All groups have a role in providing a discussion platform for the community on the subject defined in the charter. WGs can, but do not have to, have identified deliverables. Further changes approved were: to establish a Working Group for Preservation, chaired by Heike Neuroth (State and University Library Göttingen, Germany) and Andrew Wilson (National Archives of Australia); to re-open the Date Working Group, chaired by Eric Childress (OCLC, USA); to rename the User Guides Working Group to User Documentation Working Group, chaired by Mary Woodley (California State University Northridge); and to close the Administrative Working Group, chaired by Leif Andresen (Library Authority of Denmark).

DCMI and Shanghai Library are pleased to announce that the 2004 Dublin Core™ Annual Conference will be held from 11 through 14 October 2004 at the Shanghai Library. The conference title and themes, together with the timeline for paper submission and review will be announced before the end of 2003.