ISO 15836 Part 2 is published based on a revision of DCMI Metadata Terms

DCMI is pleased to announce the publication by ISO of a new international standard, ISO 15836 Part 2: "DCMI Properties and classes" (ISO 15836-2:2019). In parallel, a revised specification for DCMI Metadata Terms has been published on the DCMI website.

The original "Dublin Core Metadata Element Set" of fifteen elements, originally designed in the late 1990s to support the generic interoperability of resource descriptions across languages and disciplines, was first published as an ISO standard in 2003 and remains available today in a recently updated version as ISO 15836 Part 1 (ISO 15836-1:2017). ISO 15836 Part 2 extends the original set of fifteen "core" properties with forty properties and twenty classes usable for improving the precision and expressiveness of descriptions based on Dublin Core. ISO 15836 Part 2 also specifies the URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) by which its terms are referenced in Linked Open Data.

In preparing ISO 15836 Part 2, the DCMI Usage Board has enriched the metadata terms with best practice usage examples and clarifications in response to comments and suggestions from the ISO committee "TC 46/SC 4/WG 16 Dublin Core" and from the P members of TC 46/SC 4. Formal constraints for some of the properties have been relaxed in response to lessons learned from a decade of implementation practice. The new standard is the result of a productive collaboration between DCMI and the international standards community.