The DCMI Usage Board has served as the maintenance committee for DCMI Metadata Terms since 2001. The scope of the Usage Board was broadened in 2018 to include BIBO and LRMI specifications. Since 2011, DCMI has maintained a "good neighbour" agreement with the FOAF Project to ensure the long-term availability of the FOAF Vocabulary Specification.

DCMI has been publishing specifications, mostly related to the "Dublin Core" vocabularies, for more than twenty years. The full range of recommendations is collected here.

LRMI™ is a collection of classes and properties for markup and description of educational resources, together with some concept schemes for use with the LRMI properties in learning resource description and Web markup.
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The Bibliographic Ontology describe bibliographic things on the semantic Web in RDF. This ontology can be used as a citation ontology, as a document classification ontology, or simply as a way to describe any kind of document in RDF. It has been inspired by many existing document description metadata formats, and can be used as a common ground for converting other bibliographic data sources.