2023 November 6 th to November 11 th DCMI 2023 Daegu, South Korea

The 21 st International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DCMI 2023) broadens its focus to encompass the entire range of advancements in metadata design, implementation and best practices.


The activities of DCMI, its members and its communities are broadly characterised under four themes.


DCMI develops and curates open-standard metadata vocabularies such as the Dublin Core; hosts the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI); and provides good-neighbor support for other related metadata activities.


DCMI's international community of metadata practitioners and experts meet in working groups and at an annual conference to share implementation experience and reports on research and new developments.


Teachers and experts of metadata technologies from around the world hold tutorials, online meetings, and webinars to discuss and disseminate innovative metadata solutions.


Since pioneering the Application Profile in the 1990s, DCMI continues to develop profiles and related vocabularies spanning practical techniques such as spreadsheets and modern technologies such as data shapes.