Application Profiles Working Group

Name: Application Profiles Working Group
Type: Working Group
Status: Active
Charter: The concept of the (metadata) application profile has for two decades been a central focus of attention in Dublin Core community and has underpinned many of DCMI's development efforts. There continues to be significant community interest in developing tools to help people create and document application profiles and, more recently, in technologies for validating data produced according to profiles. Previous work in the Dublin Core community defined a framework for application profiles and a constraint language based on the DCMI Abstract Model. The Application Profiles IG is building on this prior work in light of recent developments in Web technology. Working groups created under DCAP-IG will, potentially, develop a revised framework to support application profiles, a revised abstract model, and core vocabulary of application profile components and constraints.
Moderator/Chair: Karen Coyle
Established: 2019