DCMI Virtual 2020 - Tutorial on Automated Subject Indexing with Annif

The DCMI Virtual 2020 conference will feature a tutorial presentation, "Introduction to Annif and automated subject indexing", on September 21st. For practitioners that would like to learn how to use the Annif tool on their own, there will also be a follow-up hands-on tutorial organized by the National Library of Finland together with the Leibniz Information Centre for Economics ZBW. The hands-on tutorial will consist of short pre-recorded video presentations, written instructions and practical exercises that explain and introduce various aspects of Annif and its use. The participants will complete the exercises and go through the material independently, on their own schedule. All of the tutorial material is freely available online (see the GitHub repository of the Annif tutorial). It is possible to complete the hands-on tutorial entirely on one's own.

There will also be two interactive online sessions for getting help, asking questions and discussing experiences. The first online session will be held on Friday, October 9th at 07:00 UTC and the second on Wednesday, October 21st at 15:00 UTC. Each session will consist of two halves of 60-minutes each, with a 30 minute break in between. The sessions are similar in content and we expect that participants would ordinarily attend only one of the sessions, though it is OK to sign up for both if you really wish to attend both sessions.

The full programme of DCMI Virtual is available here.