Webinar - Introduction to the W3C Data Catalog Ontology (DCAT)

This webinar is scheduled for Thursday, November 12th, 2020, 16:00 UTC (convert this time to your local timezone here) and is free for DCMI members.

The W3C Data Catalogue ontology (DCAT) is a recommendation for how to publish data catalogues on the web. It can be used by itself, of form the basis of a richer application profile. Although originally focusing on open government data, the ontology and application profiles are now seeing use in a wider set of uses.

This talk will provide information on the history of DCAT and its underlying philosophy. The ontology will be placed in context of other similar approaches to publishing data catalogues on the web, and reasons to adopt DCAT will be discussed.

The role of W3C and the working group that maintains DCAT will be described, and recent activity and future directions will be detailed. Learning outcomes: - Attendees will be introduced to the overall structure of DCAT - Attendees will learn how to start using DCAT - Attendees will learn ways to adapt DCAT to their own requirements

Peter Winstanley

Peter is an ontologist with Semantic Arts and co-Chair of the W3C Dataset Exchange Working Group

This Webinar will be hosted by ASIS&T. Registration for DCMI webinars is currently free, but you will need to use the discount code 'dcmi25' when you register. Full details, including instructions for joining the webinar.