News from 2005

The DCMI Usage Board, together with the Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress, is pleased to announce the availability of a sub-set of MARC Relator terms as role properties which refine the "agent" elements of Dublin Core™ (Creator, Contributor, and Publisher).

The DCMI Usage Board has proposed some minor editorial changes to terms in the DCMI Type Vocabulary. The changes will be available for Public Comment until 31 January 2006.

In the context of the joint work item between DCMI and IEEE/LOM to develop a recommended representation of the metadata elements of the IEEE Learning Object Metadata Standard in the Dublin Core™ Abstract Model, Mikael Nilsson made a presentation to the IEEE/LOM meeting in Orlando in October 2005 outlining the approach and the current status.

Jayakumaran of Web Publishing House in Singapore has been appointed co-chair of the DCMI Global Corporate Circle and member of the DCMI Advisory Board.

In preparation for DC-2006, to be held 3-6 October 2006 in Manzanillo (Colima) in Mexico, Javier Solorio Lagunas of the University of Colima and Thomas Baker of DCMI have been appointed Program Chairs, while Lourdes Feria Basurto of the University of Colima and Makx Dekkers of DCMI have taken on responsibility as coordinators of the event.

The slides of the Tutorials that were given at DC-2005 are now available in the Training section of the DCMI Web site.

The organizing committee of DC-2006, to be held 3-6 October 2006 in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, has made available a multimedia presentation with information about the University of Colima and the venue for the conference next year.

The papers from the DC-2005 conference, held from 12-15 September 2005 in Legans (Madrid) are now online in the Dublin Core™ Conference Paper Repository.

The DCMI Usage Board met in Madrid on 9-10 September 2005. A large batch of editorial changes to existing elements and Type Vocabulary terms clarifications of wording, updated references, and the like will be posted on 7 November 2005 for a public comment period prior to final approval.

the DCMI Directorate is very pleased to be able to announce that next year's conference and workshop will be hosted by the University of Colima in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.