DCMI Virtual: Presentations

Title Speakers Slides Video Date
2020 Vision: Reflections on a Quarter Century of Metadata Stuart Weibel
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-14
Beyond Posting Counts: Giving Taxonomists a 360 Degree View of How Concepts are Applied to Content Dave Clarke
Recording 2020-09-15
Challenges finding information in food and agriculture on the Web: what can we do better? Erin Antognoli
Fabrizio Celli
Xiaojing Qin
Medha Devare
Laura Meggiolaro
erin_antognoli.pdf laura_meggiolaro.pdf xiaojing_qin.pdf Recording 2020-09-23
Deep semantic representation from metadata descriptions Andrew Pace
Jeanette Norris
Brian Dobreski
andrew_pace.pdf brian_dobreski.pdf Recording 2020-09-17
Efficient RDF Schema Mapping and Triples Generation Based on ETL Tool Guojian Xian
Jiao Li
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-15
Equitable Access: Using metadata to level the playing field in a multilingual country Ahava Cohen
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-17
Harmonizing Canada’s Geospatial Metadata Cindy Mitchell
slides.pdf 2020-09-22
Information regarding access to content and metadata provenance in Japan Search RDF Schema Tomoko Okuda
Shihoko Yokota
Introduction to Annif and automated subject indexing Koraljka Golub
Annemieke Romein
Sara Veldhoen
Entangled_Histories.pdf Introduction.pdf Kora_Golub.pdf Recording 2020-09-21
Introduction to IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) Glen Robson
Recording 2020-09-16
Latest developments of the Europeana Data Model from the perspective of community best practices. Nuno Freire
Antoine Isaac
slides.pdf 2020-09-22
Lessons learned on data discovery, integration and ingestion in AGRIS. Fabrizio Celli
slides.pdf 2020-09-22
Linked Data as Method for Supporting DH-Research on the Cultural Resources of Chinese Wooden Slips and the Interpretation of Ancient Chinese Characters Sophy Chen
slides.pdf 2020-09-15
Linking the 20th century paper history to the sum of all knowledge Joachim Neubert
slides.pdf 2020-09-22
Low Resource Metadata/Data Repositories Hussein Suleman
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-24
LRMI Metadata in use Adrian Pohl
Steve Midgley
Brandt Redd
brandt_redd.pdf Recording 2020-09-25
Metadata and its relevance to create Network Visualizations: the case of the SnT2019 Conference Flor Trillo
Metadata and the digital ingest workflow Marie-Claude Côté
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-24
Ontology-based Metadata of Thia Culture: Heet Sib Song (Twelve Months Festival) Wirapong Chansanam
Kulthida Tuamsuk
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-15
Project STAND: Metadata standards for student activism Trevor Watkins
Lae’l Hughes-Watkins
Valencia Johnson
Shannon Walker
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-18
Report from PCC-Task Group on Metadata Application Profiles Myung-Ja Han
The Implementation of Historical and Humanities Big Data Platform of Shanghai Library Cuijuan Xia / 夏翠娟
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-17
The national Library of China: the Research and Practice on Semantic Mining and Semantic Organization of multi-source heterogeneous resources Xiaoying Zhou
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-17
Toward an application profile for enhancing Agri-Nutrition knowledge discovery in Kenya Humphrey Keah
Jane Wambugu
George Obanyi
slides.pdf Recording 2020-09-24
Use of Dublin Core metadata in railML - The standard for data exchange in the railway business Vasco Paul Kolmorgen