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Groups with status 'Finished'

Name Moderator/Chair(s) Start Type
Cultural Heritage Metadata Task Group 2012-02-23 Community
DCMI Metadata Provenance Task Group Kai Eckert
Michael Panzer
2010-06-17 Working Group
DCMI Knowledge Management Community Johannes Keizer
2007-11-05 Community
DCMI-AsiaPac Community Henry Hang Lee Lam
Akira Miyazawa
2012-09-03 Community
DCMI Scholarly Communications Community Rosemary Russell
Talat Chaudhri
2007-10-01 Community
DCMI Accessibility Community Liddy Neville
2001-10-25 Community
DCMI Vocabulary Management Community Diane Hillmann
2011-10-20 Community
DCMI User Documentation Task Group Stefanie Rühle
Tom Baker
2010-08-30 Working Group
DCMI Science and Metadata Community Alex Ball
Jane Greenberg
Jian Qin
2009-01-12 Community
DCMI Government Community Marie-Claude Côté
John Roberts
Hans Overbeek
1999-10-25 Interest Group
DCMI Collection Description Community Muriel Foulonneau
2006-12-18 Community
DCMI Environment Community Thom Pick
Matthias Menger
2001-10-27 Community
DCMI Identifiers Community Douglas Campbell
2007-10-01 Community
DCMI Libraries Community Sarah Hartmann
Stefanie Rühle
2006-12-18 Interest Group
DCMI Preservation Working Group Raju Buddharaju
Andrew Wilson
2003-10-01 Community
DCMI Registry Community Jon Phipps
Emma Tonkin
Corey Harper
1999-12-15 Community
DCMI Standards Community Leif Andresen
1998-11-04 Community
DCMI Kernel Metadata Community John Kunze
2006-12-18 Community
DCMI Abstract Model Review Task Group Tom Baker
2010-08-30 Working Group
DCMI Education Community Diane Hillmann
1999-08-09 Community
DCMI Date Community Eric Childress
Douglas Campbell
2003-10-03 Working Group
DCMI Tools Community Seth Van Hooland
2001-03-06 Community
DCMI Social Tagging Community Eva Méndez
Ana Alice Baptista
2006-10-06 Community
DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community Shigeo Sugimoto
Karen Rollitt
1997-10-08 Community
DCMI Citations Working Group Ann Apps
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Persistent Identifier Working Group Robin Wilson
Stuart Weibel
2003-12-08 Working Group
DCMI User Documentation Working Group Mary Woodley
1997-10-08 Working Group
DCMI Global Corporate Circle Jayakumaran Ramasamy
2002-10-14 Working Group
DCMI Agents Working Group John Roberts
Andrew Wilson
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Type Working Group Ann Apps
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Administrative Metadata Working Group Leif Andresen
2000-10-06 Working Group
DCMI Datamodel Working Group Paul Miller
Eric Miller
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Format Working Group Andy Powell
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI 1:1 Principle / Physical Object Description Working Group Lynn Marko
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Coverage Working Group Paul Miller
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Metadata Schema Interoperability Working Group Carl Lagoze
David Bearman
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Relation Working Group Erik Jul
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Relation_Type Working Group David Bearman
Working Group
DCMI Rights Management Working Group Carl Lagoze
Working Group
DCMI Subject and Description Metadata Working Group Cecilia Preston
Rachel Heery
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Title Working Group Diann Rusch-Feja
1998-11-04 Working Group
DCMI Type Format Working Group Simon Cox
Rebecca Guenther
Diann Rusch-Feja
Working Group
DCMI Coverage Element Working Group Mary Larsgaard
Doug Nebert
Working Group
DCMI Subelement Working Group Paul Miller
1997-10-01 Working Group