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DCMI Knowledge Management Community

Name:DCMI Knowledge Management Community
Type: Community
Status: inactive finished
Charter: The DCMI Knowledge Management Community is a forum for individuals and organisations with an interest in theĀ application and use of the Dublin Core standard in knowledge management.
Moderator/Chair: Johannes Keizer
Established: 2007-11-05

News and Announcements

2004-12-13, The next F2F Working Group meeting for DC:Accessibility will be held in melbourne in the we February 7 - 11 2005. Those interested in attending in person or via telecommunications should contact Liddy Nevile.


The objectives of the Knowledge Management Community are to:

  1. Promote the application and use of the Dublin Core standard in knowledge management.
  2. Coordinate with developers and information providers to ensure interoperability with applications that facilitate reuse, awareness, cooperation and learning within and among organizations.
  3. Develop a body of work that provides best practices, case studies and examples of how Dublin Core is applied and implemented in knowledge management. Examples include what elements are used, how they are interpreted, values/controlled vocabularies, tagging methods and return on investment.


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  • Date Constituted: 2007-11-05