DCMI Libraries Community

Name: DCMI Libraries Community
Type: Interest Group Community
Status: Inactive Finished
Charter: The DCMI Library Community is a forum for individuals and organisations in the library domain to exchange information and experience about the use of Dublin Core metadata in a library context and to encourage best practice. More specifically, it provides a forum for discussion of issues related to the DC Library Application Profile.
Moderator/Chair: Sarah Hartmann
Stefanie Rühle
Established: 2006-12-18

News and Announcements

DCMI Libraries Application Profile Task Group

The wiki pages used by the Task Group are currently:

DC 2010

There were some interesting meetings at DC 2010 regarding libraries:

  • At 20th October the new draft for the DC Lib AP was discussed in a whole day workshop. Results of this discussion are published at the DC Lib AP Task Group Wiki. (see: Report of the Meeting).

  • At 21st October the libraries meeting took place with some presentations about libraries and linked data. The summary report of the meeting and the files you find at DC Libraries Community Meetings.

  • At 22nd October the DCMI/RDA Task Group met. More information about this meeting you will find here.

  • Subsequent to the conference from 23rd to 24th October there was a F2F meeting of the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group. Information about the meeting is here.

Sarah Hartmann takes over from Christine Frodl as co-moderator

2010-02, Christine Frodl has stepped down as co-moderator of the DCMI Libraries Community. New co-moderator is Sarah Hartmann.


Mailing list


DC Libraries Community Meetings

DC Conference 2010

Reports and presentations from the DCMI Libraries Community Session

DC Conference 2009

Reports and presentations from the DCMI Libraries Community Session

DC Conference 2008

Reports and presentations from the DCMI Libraries Community Workshop

Presentations from the RDA Workshop

The slides of the RDA Workshop are available here.

DC Conference 2007

Reports and presentations from the DCMI Libraries Community Workshop

For meeting reports fo the DC Libraries Working Group from 2000 - 2006 look at History

Background and Open Issues

The primary purpose of this community forum is to facilitate the sharing of information and ideas about the use of Dublin Core™ metadata in libraries and the interoperability of established library metadata with that from other domains.

Library Application Profile

The predecessor to this forum, the DC-Libraries Working Group, had made substantial progress on producing a DC application profile (DC-Lib). This profile now becomes the responsibility of the DCMI Library Application Profile Task Group which will prepare an updated version of the profile and submit it to the Usage Board for review and registration. Although the Task Group uses a wiki to carry out the work, any discussion of issues is carried out on the Library Community discussion list at http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/dc-libraries.html to allow any member of the community to comment.


The Libraries Working Group was also involved in the review process of the Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard being developed on the foundations of AACR. Meetings on this topic have been held at the last DC conferences together with representatives from RDA and other metadata communities. Comments have been sent to the developers on RDA drafts and DCMI has been represented at RDA development meetings. After a Data Model Meeting in London in spring 2007 the DCMI/RDA Task Groupwas established.


This community and its associated Task Group(s) replace the DC Libraries Working Group whose early history is recorded below: