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DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community

Name:DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community
Type: Community Interest Group
Status: inactive finished
Charter: The DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community is a forum for individuals and organizations to share information and exchange ideas on the use of Dublin Core in their local or domain-specific applications with the global community. It also provides a forum for promoting interoperabilty and discussion on any issues arising from or relating to the use of DC in a variety of languages and cultures.
Moderator/Chair: Shigeo Sugimoto
Karen Rollitt
Established: 1997-10-08

News and announcements

2004-12-13, The next F2F Working Group meeting for DC:Accessibility will be held in melbourne in the we February 7 - 11 2005. Those interested in attending in person or via telecommunications should contact Liddy Nevile.

The goals of this community are:

Exchange of information, knowledge and general discussion within the global community to promote interoperability in local or domain specific use of DC. This can include:

  • use of DC in local languages, cultures and domains;
  • interoperability of metadata in the global community;
  • definitions of elements and qualifiers to express language or culture specific information;
  • maintenance of element/qualifier definitions in a variety of languages;
  • multilingual metadata description and vocabularies;
  • reuse of metadata schemas and application profiles in the global community,

Issues arising may include:

  • Approval process of non-English vocabularies;
  • Encoding of multilingual metadata descriptions;
  • Cross- / multi-lingual interoperability of metadata;
  • Community model for developing culture- and domain-specific elements / qualifiers;
  • Translation and versioning of element/qualifier.


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Dublin Core™ is now adopted in many languages and outside of a generically bibliographical environment.

Since its beginning in 1997, this Community, formerly the  DC-Multiple Languages Interest Group, has recognized the need for a forum for exchanging such knowledge and experience among the global community. Local knowledge from a diversity of cultural contexts is useful not just locally, but also for the global community. 

The DCMI Localization and Internationalization Community will collaborate with:

  • The DCMI Registry Community which maintains an active interest in issues related to the registry and multilingual issues.
  • The DCMI Usage Board who ensure an orderly evolution of DCMI metadata vocabularies.


  • Dublin Core™ metadata terms in various languages are maintained in the DCMI Dublin Core™ Metadata Registry at:
  • Translations of DCMI Documents into various languages are at: <!--
    • Web-accessible versions of Dublin Core™ metadata terms in Multiple Languages


Web-accessible versions of Dublin Core™ metadata term in Multiple Languages
(Please let the Chairs of this Working Group know if there are others)
DC Metadata registry
(Includes multiple language translations of DCterms)
Armenian not yet online
Burmese Under development
Found at: Project: Rapporten
Indonesian Not yet online
Khmer Under development
Nepali Under development
Punjabi Not yet online
Romanian Under development



Powerpoint Presentations (HTML)

Powerpoint Presentations (PPT & PDF)

2008 Community Meeting Presentations

2007 Community Meeting Presentations

2005 Working Group Meeting Presentations - Dublin Core™ for an African context
Pat Liebetrau, Digital Imaging South Africa (DISA) - National Library of New Zealand: Strategies for interoperability: Metadata projects and activities
Karen Rollitt and Douglas Campbell, National Library of New Zealand - Metadata Vocabularies in Subject Gateways for Japanese Regional Public Libraries
Shigeo Sugimoto, Research Center for Knowledge Communities, Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba - Creating vocabulary for Thai database integration
Praditta Siripan, Technical Information Access Center, Thailand - Matching language and cultural requirements. Specialist Task Force STF 287. "User-oriented handling of multicultural issues in multimedia communications"
Mike Pluke, STF leader, Francoise Petersen, Derek Pollard, Bianca Szalai

2000 Presentations by Thomas Baker - A Registry for Dublin Core - Metadata Grammar: Towards A Convergence Between Dublin Core™ and RDF

Status of DC translations