Automated Subject Indexing IG

Name: Automated Subject Indexing IG
Type: Interest Group
Status: Finished
Charter: This group will focus on automated and semi-automated solutions for subject-based information organization of digital collections, i.e., the extraction of semantic features from textual data with methods from areas such as natural language processing and machine learning, and ways of integrating those solutions into productive subject indexing systems.
Moderator/Chair: Koraljka Golub
Anna Kasprzik
Osma Suominen
Established: 2019-04-04

The activities of the group include:

  • exchanging ideas on possible research approaches, workflows, algorithms and best practices for automated subject indexing
  • collecting and providing information on existing tools, corpora and other resources that are openly available
  • working on reusable and interoperable open source tools and coordinating the various development efforts of do-it-yourself solutions within the community
  • issuing recommendations for the standardization of APIs and file formats for data exchange, and for more detailed metadata schemata in order to support and document automated methods in subject indexing.

Anyone, not just DCMI members, can join the group. Please subscribe to the autosubject-ig mailing list if you want to take part in activities of the group.