DCMI Global Corporate Circle

Name: DCMI Global Corporate Circle
Type: Working Group
Status: Finished
Charter: The goals of the Global Corporate Circle were to:
  1. Promote the use of the Dublin Core standard by enterprise organizations/corporations for both internal and external information.
  2. Coordinate with developers and information providers to ensure interoperability with enterprise-wide applications.
  3. Develop a body of work which provides best practices, case studies and examples of how Dublin Core is implemented and its' value to the organization. Examples can include what elements are used, how they are interpreted for the organization, values/controlled vocabularies developed and the return on investment (ROI) of metadata, specifically Dublin Core, for a company.
Moderator/Chair: Jayakumaran Ramasamy
Established: 2002-10-14

News and Announcements

2004-12-13, The next F2F Working Group meeting for DC:Accessibility will be held in Melbourne in the we February 7 - 11 2005. Those interested in attending in person or via telecommunications should contact Liddy Nevile.

Current Activities



Case Studies

2005-12-01, A case study provided by Suzanne Sheppard, the Corporate Knowledge Architect and Enterprise Search Project Manager at Unisys in September 2004 is now available. This case study reports about how Dublin Core™ is used in a SharePoint portal.

2005-12-01, A case study provided by Jennifer Kujawa who is responsible for Metadata Integrity and Standards for DaimlerChrysler Digital Asset Management. Several internal DaimlerChrysler groups use Dublin Core™ as their metadata standard, including the corporate library, interactive communication groups working with brand to consumer web sites, training groups using SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) as an eLearning standard, and Human Resource groups responsible for maintaining corporate web sites.

2004-11-13, A case study submitted by Paula Markes, Information Scientist, Eli Lilly and Company in July 2004 is now available. The metadata schema is being developed for a collaborative project that has the need to practice good content management on documents created.

2004-11-13, A case study submitted by Sarah A. Rice, Senior Information Architect, Seneb Consulting in May 2004 is now available. This metadata schema was developed for a public-facing enterprise-class web site initially involving a few thousand web pages and documents.


2006-10-30, Presentation slides from Global Corporate Circle workshop during DC-2006 in

Manzanillo (Colima, Mexico) are available:

2005-11-10, A generic presentation has been developed by members of the Global Corporate Circle entitled Defining Return on Investment (ROI) for Metadata Environments. Please feel free to take this presentation and modify it to suit your needs as you explain metadata to others within your corporate environment. There are some talking points within notes sections of some of the slides.

Many thanks to the following people, who helped in the creation of this presentation: Todd Stephens, [email protected]; Joseph Busch, [email protected]; Paula A Markes, [email protected]; Michael Crandall, [email protected]; Paula Land, [email protected]; Igor Perisic, [email protected]; Kelly Green, [email protected]; Sarah Rice, [email protected]


The Global Corporate Circle has put together a bibliography of metadata resources. We hope you find them as useful as we have.

Mailing List

The work of the DCMI Global Corporate Circle was supported by the DC-Corporate mailing list.


Background and History


The concept of Circles originated in the DCMI Board of Trustees discussions in spring 2002, as the members of the Board tried to grapple with the issues surrounding adoption and implementation of the Dublin Core™ standard within the commercial world. Because of the rapid pace of change in a commercial setting, there is an inherent conflict between slowly evolving standards and the immediate need for a working model to use for business purposes. To address this, the Board came up with the idea of a self-directed forum, run by and for members of the corporate world using Dublin Core, to share best practices and provide direct input to the standard from their point of view.


Guidance Information for the Deployment of Dublin Core™ Metadata in Corporate Environments CWA (CEN Workshop Agreement) has been approved and published at http://www.cenorm.be/cenorm/businessdomains/businessdomains/isss/cwa/cwa15247.asp. The project team (Joseph Busch, Kerstin Forsberg, and Makx Dekkers) undertook a series of in-depth interviews to identify the actual metadata practises in large companies. The project team surveyed additional individuals working at large corporations via email to validate and refine the "areas for guidance" and specific issues.

Content Management and Metadata was the subject of a workshop organized by the CEN/ISSS Metadata (Dublin Core) Workshop. The all-day workshop held in Brussels on 13 January 2005 focused on automated metadata workflow and enterprise content management systems (ECMS). Content management experts, practitioners, and vendors were among the workshop participants. The report of this workshop is available at ftp://ftp.cenorm.be/PUBLIC/ws-mmi-dc/mmidc140.htm. The report includes links to presentations by experts and implementation case studies.

The CEN/ISSS Metadata (Dublin Core) Workshop (MMI-DC) provides an open forum in which Dublin Core™ metadata standards related issues get addressed. The Workshop's activities are complementary to the work done within the international DCMI context. For further information about the CEN/ISSS Dublin Core Workshop please see http://www.cenorm.be/cenorm/businessdomains/businessdomains/isss/activity/wsmmi.asp.