DCMI Vocabulary Management Community

Name: DCMI Vocabulary Management Community
Type: Community Interest Group
Status: Finished
Charter: The DCMI Vocabulary Management Community is a forum and collaboration space for those interested in defining and documenting best practices for vocabularies, providing guidance for new practitioners, and promoting responsible change management. In addition, the Community will address design and quality issues in vocabularies and mappings in a modern Semantic Web environment.
Moderator/Chair: Diane Hillmann
Established: 2011-10-20

News and Announcements

Interim Moderator Diane Hillmann sent an initial email to the Community mailing list [1] announcing that the wiki was available [2], including access to raw notes from the Vocabulary Management Session at DC-2011.

[1] https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A2=DC-VOCABULARY;8e513422.1111

[2] /archive/mediawiki_wiki/DCMI_Vocabulary_Management_Community#

Background and open issues

At the Vocabulary Management Session, the most critical issues identified in the ending summary were:

    1. The need for collaborative space and leadership to build best practices documentation for building, maintaining, versioning and sharing vocabularies and mappings
    1. Exploration and documentation of issues with mapping and alignment, leading to best practices
    1. Development and sharing of governance policies
    1. Building documentation and support for vocabulary discovery and criteria for selection (including quality criteria)
    1. Provision of guidance for new practitioners

Volunteers to work on some of these issues and assist with discussion around them on the list are particularly needed. Please contact the interim moderate at the contact address above.


Mailing list

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  • Date constituted: 2011-10-20