DCMI Abstract Model Review Task Group

Name: DCMI Abstract Model Review Task Group
Type: Working Group
Status: Finished
Charter: This Task Group will produce a discussion paper, provisionally titled DCMI Abstract Model: Past, present, future, as a basis for discussion in October at DC-2010 in Pittsburgh.
Moderator/Chair: Tom Baker
Established: 2010-08-30

News and Announcements

2010-08-30, DCMI Abstract Model Review Task group established


Work on the DCMI Abstract Model began in 2003, resulting in a first DCMI Recommendation in March 2005 and second, revised DCMI Recommendation in June 2007. Work on an abstract model was undertaken in order to clarify and formalize the "home-grown" model of metadata that had emerged from early Dublin Core™ workshops.

This model became the basis for a number of revised syntax specifications (DC-HTML, DC-RDF, DC-DS-XML, DC-TEXT), a "constraint language" for Description Set Profiles, the Singapore Framework for Dublin Core™ Application Profiles, application profile review criteria used by the DCMI Usage Board, and Interoperability Levels for Dublin Core™ Metadata. This formal notion of application profile is also the basis of Guidelines for Dublin Core™ Application Profiles.

The goal of the discussion paper will be to take stock of the Abstract Model in light of the recent success of Linked Data. Does the Abstract Model conform to developments in Semantic Web and Linked Data? How should this work move forward, and what resources would be required to do so?

This paper will provide a critical but constructive review of the DCMI Abstract Model -- its history, its relationship to parallel developments in RDF and Semantic Web, and its role in the message that DCMI presents to the public about the nature of metadata.

Work plan

Members of the Task Group will write the draft on the wiki and encourage discussion on the DC-Architecture mailing list prior to DC-2010. The Task Group warmly welcomes new participants with fresh perspectives. We will hold at least two teleconferences in the context of the DCMI Architecture Forum.


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  • Task Group constituted: 2010-08-30