DCMI Registry Community

Name: DCMI Registry Community
Type: Community Interest Group
Status: Inactive Finished
Charter: The DCMI Registry Community Group is a forum for service providers and developers of both metadata schema registries and controlled vocabulary registries to exchange information and experience. The specific goals of this group are to foster a common approach to the use of data models and standards, handling multi-lingual vocabularies, sharing and exchanging registry data, vocabulary mapping, and to promote interaction between affiliated registries.
Moderator/Chair: Jon Phipps
Emma Tonkin
Corey Harper
Established: 1999-12-15

News and Announcements

2004-12-13, The next F2F Working Group meeting for DC:Accessibility will be held in melbourne in the we February 7 - 11 2005. Those interested in attending in person or via telecommunications should contact Liddy Nevile.


Mailing list



The Registry working group will act as a focus for activity regarding metadata registries within the DCMI. It will disseminate information about its work to DC-General and the DC-Advisory Board. The DCMI Registry working group will collaborate with:


Distributed Sites

Registry installations were available in the mid-2000s at the following institutions:

  • University of Tsukuba, Japan (as "DCMI Registry", until 2018)
  • The University of Goettingen, Germany
  • The Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • The National Library of New Zealand (until 2014)


The Registry WG will liaise as appropriate with registry activity outside the DCMI. In particular with: