DCMI Education Community

Name: DCMI Education Community
Type: Community Interest Group
Status: Inactive Finished
Charter: The DCMI Education Community is a forum for individuals and organizations involved in implementing Dublin Core and other learning resource metadata in the education domain. The objective of the Community is to promote interoperability within the domain through the use of standard metadata and consensus good practices.
Moderator/Chair: Diane Hillmann
Established: 1999-08-09

Please go to the Dublin Core™ Education Community Wiki to catch up with the all the latest in DC-Ed.

Community WIKI

The DC-Education Community Wiki is the primary mechanism for reporting on the ongoing activities of the Community. Current activities on the DC-Ed Wiki include:

  • DC-Education Application Profile
    This activity is developing an application profile module describing usage of DCMI properties specifically relevant to education. The phrase "application profile module" refers to the scope of the profile: it will only include properties relevant to describing the educational aspects of any resource, and/or the educational context within which it has been or may be used. The intention is that the DC-Education Application Profile will be usable with other application profiles.

  • Joint DCMI/IEEE LTSC Task Force
    This activity is developing a recommended representation of the metadata elements of the IEEE Learning Object Metadata Standard in the Dublin Core™ Abstract Model. The recommendation will include the specification of a number of terms, including properties, syntax encoding schemes, vocabulary encoding schemes as well as vocabularies, that may be used for expressing metadata conforming to the IEEE LOM Standard in Dublin Core™ metadata. The recommendation will also include the specification of namespaces to use for the terms, as well as a basic application profile describing how to combine the specified terms in a way that is compatible with the structural constraints of the IEEE LOM Standard.

News and Announcements

2004-12-13, The next F2F Working Group meeting for DC:Accessibility will be held in melbourne in the we February 7 - 11 2005. Those interested in attending in person or via telecommunications should contact Liddy Nevile.


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  • Date constituted: 1999-08-09
  • DC-7 Face-to-Face Meetings: October 1999 (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Australian Face-to-Face Meeting: February 2000 (Melbourne, Australia) - Draft Proposal
  • DC-Education Draft Proposal to DC Advisory Committee: 2000-04-30
  • DC-8 Face-to-Face Meetings: October 4-5, 2000 (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Revised DC-Education Draft Proposal to DC Advisory Committee: 2000-10-05
  • Date rechartered: 2000-10-06
  • DC-9 Face-to-Face Meeting: October 2001 (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Date rechartered: 2001-10-27
  • DC-10 Face-to-Face Meeting: October 2002 (Florence, Italy). Report
  • Date rechartered: 2002-10-18
  • Date rechartered: 2003-10-03
  • Date rechartered: 2004-10-15