News from 2005

this year's conference and workshop, DC-2005, that was held from 12 through 15 September 2005 in Leganés (Madrid) was attended by 214 attendes from 33 countries.

The organising committee for DC-2005, to take place 12-15 September 2005 at the University Carlos III of Madrid, Legans Campus, has published the final program for the conference and workshop.

Makx Dekkers, DCMI Managing Director, has published a new status report of the Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative, covering the period March to September 2005.

Joseph T. Tennis, Assistant Professor at The University of British Columbia, along with Mark Jordan and Brian Owen of Simon Fraser University's WAC Bennett Library and Brad Allen at Siderean Software, have established the Dublin Core™ Conference Paper Repository.

At their next meeting, in Madrid on 9-10 September 2005, the DCMI Usage Board will review the revised versions of four existing DCMI recommendations: Dublin Core™ Structured Values, the DCMI Box Encoding Scheme, the DCMI Period Encoding Scheme, and the DCMI Point Encoding Scheme.

The DCMI Usage Board will meet in Madrid on 9-10 September 2005, prior to the DC-2005 conference. For more information, please contact the Chair, Tom Baker.

The organising committee for DC-2005, to take place 12-15 September 2005 in Legans (Madrid), has published an updated agenda for the conference and workshop.

A new version of Using Dublin Core, the official user guide to Dublin Core™ metadata, is now available. The updated version includes guidance for new terms approved by the Usage Board, as well as new sections on the DCMI Abstract Model and references to newly recommended documentation available for implementers.

The DCMI Usage Board is pleased to announce the creation of several new terms -- an encoding scheme for National Library of Medicine Classification; Instructional Method; and three elements related to the method, policy, and periodicity of collection accrual (see the Usage Board decisions page).

The DCMI Directorate is pleased to announce that after the Public Comment period that ended in May 2005, the document Element Refinement in Dublin Core™ Metadata that describes the concept and appropriate use of element refinement as used in Dublin Core™ metadata, is now published as a DCMI Recommended Resource.