Public comment for revisions of four Recommendations

At their next meeting, in Madrid on 9-10 September 2005, the DCMI Usage Board will review the revised versions of four existing DCMI recommendations: Dublin Core™ Structured Values, the DCMI Box Encoding Scheme, the DCMI Period Encoding Scheme, and the DCMI Point Encoding Scheme.

The main changes are:

  • some examples have been removed
  • XML encodings given in the text have been removed
  • wordings have been modified to ensure that the documents conform to the DCMI Abstract Model (notably, the terms 'label' and 'value', used to describe the parts of the components of structured values, were replaced with new terms 'componentLabel' and 'componentValue' respectively)
  • other minor changes of wording and layout have been applied.

Public comment is open until 22 August 2005. Comments should be sent to the DC-General mailing list with the title of the document in the subject. See also the Public Comment page.