New Working Group chairs appointed

In the last two months, a number of new chairs have been appointed. Andy Powell (UKOLN, UK) is the new chair of the Architecture Working Group; Stu Weibel (OCLC, USA) replaces José Borbinha (National Library of Portugal) as co-chair of the Agents Working Group; Helen Josephine (Intel Library, USA) and Sarah Rice (Seneb Consulting, USA) are the new co-chairs of the Global Corporate Circle; John Roberts (Archives New Zealand) replaces Andrew Wilson (National Archives of Australia) as co-chair of the Government Working Group; Karen Rollitt (National Library of New Zealand) replaces Olga Barysheva (National Library of Russia) as co-chair of the Localization and Internationalization Working Group; and Robina Clayphan (The British Library, UK) replaces Rebecca Guenther (Library of Congress, USA) as chair of the Libraries Working Group.