Dublin Core Data Institute - October 19, Toronto

Data now drives advanced research and scholarship across diverse fields. Many humanities and social science disciplines are increasingly dependent on data. Scholarly practices in the latter disciplines generate new data as evidence or as demonstration of new creative practices or methods. With intensive focus on mitigating fraud in research and push for wider dissemination of research, publication venues have instituted new policies for sharing research or scholarly data.

Given the criticality of data for nurturing and sustaining humanities and social science disciplines it is paramount that open data environments are available with minimum barriers for scholars to access and use. Although many data related topics and associated techniques and solutions are beginning to receive attention, the efforts on data aggregation and dissemination so far have been scattered and sometimes inconsistent. Surprisingly, there has not been a single and comprehensive international forum dedicated to developing open data resources for humanities and social science scholarship.

The planned Dublin Core Data Institute (DCDI) will bring together a stellar group of data and information scientists as well as humanities and social science scholars, to mingle and exchange ideas in a single venue. The broad goal of DCDI is to establish the foundational requirements for a federated data service covering key challenges and potential avenues for addressing them.

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