NKOS Workshop on AI and KOS at DCMI-2024 in Toronto

An NKOS Workshop will be held at DCMI 2024, the twenty-second International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, October 20-23, Toronto, Canada. Artificial intelligence (AI) is broadly defined as the use of automation to solve problems by reasoning autonomously. Today, the popular AI method is large language models (LLMs). But there are many other automation methods such as rules-based, machine learning, vectors, n-grams, clustering, filtering, NLP (natural language processing), NLG (natural language generation), etc. that can make automation intelligent. While there is a tendency to focus on one primary method, most AI applications use several methods. The NKOS Workshop is particularly interested in how knowledge organization systems (KOS) are being used or can be used to make automation intelligent. For example, one problem with LLMs is “hallucinations” where the application generates a response to a prompt that is “correct” but not true. How can KOS be integrated with LLMs to guide their responses so that they do not produce “hallucinations”? The workshop will feature demonstrations from projects working in this exciting area.

Visit the NKOS Workshop CFP for more information.