openWEMI community group hosted by DCMI

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It has been proposed that a very small vocabulary with minimally constrained classes and properties representing the concepts of Work, Expression, Manifestation, and Item would benefit anyone designing metadata for created resources. The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) has opened a community group to develop this core vocabulary.

The concept is explained in some detail in a Code4lib Journal article.1 The work will take place on a dedicated github repository under DCMI2 and which has been pre-populated with some documents and issues. There is a mailing list where announcements and meeting events will be distributed.3 The list is expected to be low engagement, as most work will be done on github. There will, of course, be some Zoom meetings, as needed.

Because the vocabulary is small and already has a level of development it is hoped that this group will complete its work in a short amount of time. Whether further support will be needed, such as providing a repository for questions and sharing implementations, will be determined at a later date.

Everyone interested is invited to participate by joining the mailing list to get updates, and by adding and responding to issues on github. Work will begin mid-July. Feel free to contact kcoyle [at] if you have questions.