DCMI 2019: Hack Day

The DC-2019 Hack Day will focus on new approaches to Application Profiles.

After three days of paper sessions, panels, workshops, and tutorials, the Hack Day on September 26 will provide an informal space for playing with new technologies, brainstorming new ideas, forming new collaborations, or simply sharing work around your laptop.

Everyone is welcome to attend, from researchers and professionals with user requirements, to modellers and programmers willing to implement the ideas in code, as well as interested observers. The day will start with short "pitches", then spread out to designated tables that anyone can join. At the end of the day, each table will have an opportunity to show its results.

This year's Hack Day will focus on Application Profiles. Profiles, for almost twenty years a form of documenting the metadata model of a specific application, may now be expressed using new data validation languages. Profiles are also relevant to communities within Wikidata, a platform for crowd-sourcing the maintenance of structured data sources. New approaches to application profiles will be discussed in the DCMI Application Profiles Interest Group for testing on Hack Day.

Pitches related to Application Profiles - or to any other metadata-related topic of interest - will be collected and posted to the Hack Day page. Please mark your calendar and post your pitches to the submission form.

Image credit: BVershbow (WMF) CC BY-SA 4.0