Webinar: Understanding and Testing Models

This webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 14:00 UTC (convert this time to your local timezone here) and is free for DCMI members.

Every structured exchange requires consensus about the structure. The Shape Expressions (ShEx) language captures these structures in an intuitive and powerful syntax. From metadata description (e.g. DDI) to data description (e.g. FHIR), ShEx provides a powerful schema language to develop, test and deploy shared models for RDF data. This tutorial will explore the utility and expressivity of ShEx.Presented with side-by-side examples of schema and data, the audience will see how to use ShEx to solve every-day problems. The presentation will use multiple implementations of ShEx in order to leave the participants with enough familiarity to get started using ShEx on their own.

Eric Prud’hommeaux is a W3C staff contact for the Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group, RDF Data Shapes (RDF Validation), LDP, RDF 1.1, SPARQL 1.1, RDB2RDF, SPARQL 1.0, SAWSDL, and XML Protocol Working Groups. He has developed and designed multiple languages, including a significant contribution to SPARQL and ShEx. He developed the Javascript ShEx library to promote understanding about and exploitation of Shape Expressions.

This Webinar will be hosted by ASIS&T. Full details, including instructions for joining the webinar.