CEDIA Joins as new Regional Member

I am delighted to report that the Corporación Ecuatoriana para el Desarrollo de Investigación y la Academia (CEDIA) has agreed to join DCMI as a regional member.

CEDIA is a national membership organisation which represents higher-education and research institutions in Ecuador. The organisations has a keen interest in metadata standardisation - especially in the domain of data repositories, and has been active in this area since 2009. CEDIA is a strong proponent of Open Access, and encourages and supports the adoption of interoperable metadata and specialised metadata vocabularies among its member organisations.

CEDIA is committed to encouraging and supporting the adoption of DCMI's endorsed standards and best practices in Ecuador.

DCMI is particularly pleased with this important addition to its membership, as it reinforces DCMI's global positioning and reach. Together with Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), CEDIA ensures that the DCMI community includes high quality representation from South America.

On behalf of the wider DCMI community, welcome CEDIA!

Paul Walk, DCMI Managing Director