DCMI Website Migrated to New Platform

The DCMI website (this website) has been migrated to a new platform, as the first stage of a comprehensive overhaul.

DCMI's Infrastructure Advisory Committee is overseeing a project to modernise the site and to improve the management of a significant amount of content, some of which goes back to 1995! We are taking advantage of two technologies in particular - Github, and Hugo - a static-site-generator. The migration of content to use these new technologies has involved the transformation of content from HTML to a combination of Markdown and YAML - the formats used by Hugo. We believe that this combination of formats will allow us to more easily manage the website's content.

The next stage of this project will introduce a whole new way of managing the technical documentation of the DCMI Metadata Terms. This is an exciting development, and we are developing what we believe will be a state-of-the-art method for the online documentation of metadata application-profiles and vocabularies.

Although we are confident that all content has now been migrated, it is likely that there will be some content which has not been perfectly transformed. We will be hunting down and correcting these presentation issues over the coming weeks. If you spot something particularly wrong with the website, please do let us know by sending an email to:

dcmi-feedback (at) dublincore (dot) net

We would like to thank the National Library of Korea for the tremendous support which they have given to DCMI by faithfully and reliably hosting the website for the last few years.