DCMI Webinar: Two-Part Series on Schema.org with Richard Wallis

Join independent consultant Richard Wallis, former Technology Evangelist for OCLC and currently working with Google on Schema.org, for this two part, in-depth webinar mini-series look at Schema.org titled "Schema.org in Two Parts: From Use to Extension". The webinar series examines the use of schema.org and its extension in the bibliographic and wider domains. Part 1 of the series titled "Fit For a Bibliographic Purpose" on 18 November 2015: (a) traces the history of the Schema.org vocabulary, plus its applicability to the bibliographic domain, and (b) the Schema Bib Extend W3C Community Group--why it was set up, how it approached the creation of bibliographic extension proposals, and how those proposals were shaped. The second more technical webinar in the series on 2 December 2015 explains the Schema.org extension mechanism for external and reviewed/hosted extensions, and their relationship to the core vocabulary. Wallis will take an in-depth look at, demonstrate, and share experiences in designing, and creating a potential extension to the Schema.org vocabulary. He will step through the process of creating the required vocabulary definition and examples files on a local system using a few simple tools, then sharing them on a publicly visible temporary cloud instance before proposing to the Schema.org group. For more information and to register for this free webinar, visit http://dublincore.org/resources/#2015wallis.