Valentine Charles and Stuart Sutton named by DCMI to co-chair Community Specifications Committee

The Governing Board of DCMI is pleased to announce the appointment of Valentine Charles and Stuart Sutton as co-chairs of the new Community Specifications Committee (CSC). Valentine currently serves as a Research and Development Coordinator with Europeana. Stuart is an Associate Professor Emeritus in the Information School of the University of Washington and Managing Director of DCMI. The CSC is a new committee that functions under DCMI's Technical Board and is charged with supporting the stakeholder community, working with DCMI Communities and Task Groups as well as appropriate DCMI members and stakeholder organizations in the development of new specifications and vocabularies and their publication as DCMI Community Specifications. In addition, the Committee is responsible for managing the criteria and process for designation of third-party resources as a DCMI Community Resources. More information about Valentine and Stuart can be found on the Technical Board's page at