NISO/DCMI Webinar: Implementing Linked Data in Developing Countries and Low-Resource Conditions

A NISO/DCMI Webinar with Johannes Keizer and Caterina Caracciolo will be held online at 1:00PM Eastern Time on 25 September 2013 (17:00 UTC - see World Clock: Open data is a crucial prerequisite for inventing and disseminating the innovative practices needed for agricultural development. To be usable, data must not just be open in principle -- i.e., covered by licenses that allow re-use. Data must also be published in a technical form that allows it to be integrated into a wide range of applications. While the webinar focuses on AGRIS, a central and widely-used resource linking agricultural datasets for easy consumption, and AgriDrupal, an adaptation of the popular, open-source content management system Drupal optimized for producing and consuming linked datasets, the issues and approaches addressed are applicable across a broad array of similar open data contexts. This webinar describes the technical solutions adopted by a widely diverse global network of agricultural research institutes for publishing research results. Additional information can be found at Registration for the webinar closes 25 September 2013 at 12:00PM Eastern (16:00 UTC).