DCMI and ASIS announce management partnership

On 30 June 2013, DCMI reaches a significant milestone in its history when it ceases operations in Singapore as a company limited by guarantee and starts the next phase of its development as a project of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST). DCMI and ASIST share a common goal to advance the "research that drives and the practices that sustain new developments". The decision to restructure was motivated by the desire of DCMI's governing Oversight Committee to shape a more dynamic and responsive institutional structure, while retaining DCMI's proven mission, goals and objectives and its commitments to an open, consensus-driven community. ASIST has a 75 year history of excellence, beginning as the American Documentation Institute (ADI) in 1937. ADI became ASIS (American Society for Information Science) in 1968 and then ASIST with the addition of "Technology" to its name in 2000. In 2013, ASIST dropped "American" from it's name and became the Association for Information Science and Technology to better reflect its growing international agenda and membership. A fuller description of the new DCMI/ASIST partnership can be found at http://dublincore.org/about/reshaping/.