DC-Corporate mailing list established

Following discussions in the Corporate Track of the Florence conference, a mailing list has been established for people who have an interest in sharing and developing good practice in the adoption and deployment of Dublin Core™ to information services including traditional, web, and broadband publishing, as well as enterprise information applications including intranets, extranets, and Internet. An article by DCMI Board member Michael Crandall about the Corporate Circle initiative has been posted by the Montague Institute at http://www.montague.com/review/crandall3.shtml.

DC-CORPORATE is a closed, unmoderated list for managers, developers and designers of corporate metadata systems and policies. The goal of this list is to put participants in closer touch with developments in the DCMI community that are particularly relevant to the corporate metadata milieu, thereby promoting metadata solutions that serve local corporate objectives while increasing the prospects for interoperable metadata that can be shared up and down supply chains.

Anyone can subscribe to the list (please send requests to the moderator: Joseph Busch [mailto: [email protected]]). Only subscribers can post to the list.