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News from 2001

The DCMI Directorate has been informed that Z39.85 (the NISO version of the Dublin Core™ element set) has been approved and will be advanced to the American National Standards Institute in July. More Information...

The "Agricultural Metadata Standards Initiative", a collaborative effort between a number of partners in the agricultural community, the World Agricultural Information Centre of FAO, are pleased to announce a draft recommendation for a metadata specification based on the Dublin Core™ Elements and Qualifiers, as well as extensions which were considered necessary for Agricultural Information. The relative documentation has now published on the FAO web-site at More information on the "Agricultural Metadata Standards Initiative" can be found at http://www.

The DCMI Government Working Group in collaboration with the IDA Programme (Interchange of Data between Administrations) of the European Commission have arranged the conference "Managing Information Resources for e-Government" to be held on June 21-22, 2001 in Brussels, Belgium. The objective of the meeting is to explore the possibility of standardising the use of Metadata across European Governments and Parliaments, and to identify the resources, both technical and non-technical, that would be required to support this activity.

The DCMI Tools Workshop, to be held on Osnabrck, Germany on June 20 -22, 2001, is looking for active developers of metadata applications interested in development of (open source) software that supports (qualified) Dublin Core™ metadata and application-specific or domain specific extensions to participate. Additional information can be found on the Workshop website.

The DCMI Directorate is pleased to announce that the new version of "Using Dublin Core™" is now a DCMI Recommendation following the public comment period that ended May 15, 2001. This document is intended to be an entry point for users of Dublin Core™. For non-specialists, it will assist them in creating simple descriptive records for information resources (for example, electronic documents, JPEG images, video clips). Specialists may find the document a useful point of reference to the documentation of Dublin Core, as it changes and grows.

The DCMI Update Newsletter returns after a hiatus. The DCMI Update is part of our attempt to improve communication in our globally distributed collaboration. The Update will chronicle the highlights of ongoing activities, serving as a digest of the work of the Initiative, and providing some additional features that we hope will come from our readership. It is published monthly.

Makx Dekkers, DCMI Managing Director has published an overall status report of the Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative, looking at all activities that have taken place since DC-8 in October 2000 in Ottawa.

The purpose of the questionnaire was to help achieve some of the DC Libraries Working Group's objectives for 2001, including: (1) to collect and share examples of Dublin Core™ use in libraries and (2) to stimulate discussion that will feed into the process of drafting an application profile for the use of Dublin Core™ in libraries.

The DCMI Directorate is pleased to call to the attention of the Dublin Core™ community the following press release from the PRISM (Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata) Working Group. Version 1.0 of the PRISM metadata specification provides a metadata vocabulary for print and online publishing that has been adopted by an important array of content providers, including Adobe, Quark, Time Inc., Getty Images, Artesia Technologies, Cahners Business Information,, Banta New Media, IDG Publications, Interwoven, Vignette, Cond Nast and Kinecta.

The MusicBrainz Metadata Initiative was formed to organize a means of exchanging metadata describing media files on the Internet. The vocabulary developed is a Dublin Core-based metadata application and free web service that uses XML and RDF to make artist names, track numbers, song titles and other metadata describing musical content sownloadable to the user's CD player, MP3 player, Vorbis player or other client. More Information...