Director Transition

2017 has been a year of transition, with Stuart Sutton stepping down after six years at the helm of DCMI as its Managing Director. He has been succeeded by Paul Walk.

DCMI would like to extend its gratitude to Stuart for his tremendous service, during a challenging period. Stuart is known for his warmth and generosity, which combined have made so many people feel welcomed into the DCMI community.

Some of our community were able to contribute their personal thoughts and messages for Stuart, and we compiled these into this document, which we had printed for Stuart in a little book to serve as a memento of his time as Director. I urge you to read that to get a measure of the DCMI community's appreciation and affection for Stuart.

We are very pleased that Stuart, in his own words, "isn't going anywhere", and that he will continue to participate in our community.

On behalf of DCMI, thank you Stuart!