DCMI Registry Community

DC-2002 Florence, Italy, October 13-17, 2002

DCMI Registry Working Group Agenda



Co-chairs of DCMI Registry Working Group:

Rachel Heery , UKOLN, University of Bath

Harry Wagner, OCLC



The overall goal of the DCMI Registry Working Group (WG) is the development of a metadata registry providing authoritative information regarding the DCMI vocabulary and the relationship between terms in that vocabulary.


The Registry WG provides a forum for discussion of registry-related activity and interaction with other registry and information management initiatives that share issues of common interest and relevance. Additionally, the WG provides a forum for liaising with the DCMI Usage Board and the related vocabulary management development activity.


The specific goals of this WG are:

1.      The development of an operational registry providing a Web-based user interface (phase 1) and various application programming interfaces (phase 2) that facilitate the discovery, navigation and understanding of the DCMI, and related, semantics.

2.      Promote the acceptance and use of the DCMI vocabulary.

3.      Provide an authoritative source of information regarding the DCMI vocabulary.


The scheduled implementation date for phase 1 is 9/30/2002.  The project is on schedule and is expected to be completed prior to the WG breakout session. 



  1. DCMI Registry Phase 1

-         Demonstration of the phase 1 registry

-         Discussion of any user interface issues, including any new user interface requirements

-         Discussion of any internationalization issues


  1. DCMI registry Phase 2

-         Update on status, participants, timeline, etc.

-         Architectural overview

-         Discussion of functional requirements related to the interface between the Registry and:

o       DCMI schemes registration application

o       DCMI vocabulary management system

o       Other applications (i.e., other Registries)

-         Discussion of  technical alternatives