DCMI Architecture Forum

Name: DCMI Architecture Forum
Type: Interest Group Community
Status: Active
Charter: The Architecture Forum is where interested members of the DCMI community discuss models, emerging technologies, and best practices for the deployment of metadata on the basis of Linked Data principles.
Moderator/Chair: Tom Baker
Established: 1997-10-21

The Architecture Forum is where interested participants in the DCMI community can raise issues related to data models, emerging technologies, or best practices for expressing, encoding, or using metadata in the Dublin Core™ style. Discussions there can occasionally lead to the formation of an ad-hoc task group for addressing a specific issue or developing a technical specification.

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The creation of an "architecture for metadata" became a key goal of the Dublin Core™ community at the second Dublin Core™ workshop, in 1996, and continued the following year at workshops in Canberra and Helsinki, when a DC Data Model Working Group was started. (An interesting literature review from 1998 describes the wider context of activities and organizations engaged in this discussion at the time.) The Data Model working group was strongly influenced by the development of Resource Description Framework (RDF) at W3C. Today's Architecture Forum and DC-ARCHITECTURE mailing list began in 2000. This led, over time, to a style of metadata that aims at interoperability through using, or mapping to, globally shared metadata vocabularies, constrained for specific purposes in application profiles, on the basis of Linked Data principles.

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