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Chair: Olga V. Barysheva,
[email protected]
Chair: Shigeo Sugimoto,
[email protected]
Status: This working group is currently active.
Established: 1997-10-08
Charter: The mission of the Working Group on Dublin Core™ in Multiple Languages is to coordinate the development of the Dublin Core™ as a multilingual metadata standard. As of June 1998, our focus is on creating a distributed registry of Dublin Core™ in multiple languages using the Resource Description Framework (RDF), an emerging standard syntax for expressing metadata schemas on the Web.

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2004-12-13, The next F2F Working Group meeting for DC:Accessibility will be held in melbourne in the we February 7 - 11 2005. Those interested in attending in person or via telecommunications should contact Liddy Nevile.

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Web-accessible versions of Dublin Core™ in Multiple Languages
(Please let me know if there are others, Thomas Baker)
Prototype RDF schema registry http://avalon.ulis.ac.jp:8080/%7Enagamori/
Arabic http://www.forwiss.tu-muenchen.de/~haddouti/DC_arabic.html
Armenian not yet online
Burmese under development
Chinese (Big 5 font) http://dimes.lins.fju.edu.tw/dublin/
Czech http://www.ics.muni.cz/dublin_core/DC-czech-1.1.html
Danish http://www.bs.dk/metadata/english.htm
Dutch http://www.kb.nl/coop/donor/project-nl-index.html?/coop/donor/rapporten/DCsimpleformat.html
Finnish Dublin Core™ Element Set, version 1.0
Dublin Core™ Element Set, version 1.1
French http://www-rocq.inria.fr/%7Evercoust/METADATA/DC-fr.1.1.html
German http://www.mpib-berlin.mpg.de/DOK/metatagd.htm
Greek http://www.ics.forth.gr/~sarantos/dublincore.html
Hungarian under
Indonesian not yet online
Italian http://www.iccu.sbn.it/dublinco.html
Japanese http://www.dl.ulis.ac.jp/DC/
Khmer under development
Korean http://www.kric.ac.kr/~dc_kor/dc-korean.html
Maori http://www.tki.org.nz/r/maori/pedagogy/dc_elements_m.php
Nepali under development
Norwegian http://www.bibsys.no/meta/dc/dcref.html
Polish Dublin Core™ Element Set, version 1.1
Dublin Core™ Qualifiers
Portuguese http://jlb.bn.pt/DC/elementos_dublin_core.htm
Punjabi not yet online
Romanian under development
Russian Dublin Core™ Element Set, version 1.1
Dublin Core™ Qualifiers
Spanish http://www.rediris.es/metadata/dublin_core_elements.es.html
Swedish http://www.kb.se/bus/DC/Dc_Sv1_1.htm
Thai http://server.tiac.or.th/dublin.pdf
Turkish http://www.srdc.metu.edu.tr/DublinCore.html
Ukranian http://lucl.lucl.kiev.ua/win/metadata.html


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