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Meeting Report: Working Group on Dublin Core™ in Multiple Languages (DCML)

Second European Conference on Digital Libraries, Heraklion, Crete
Date of meeting:
Thomas Baker ([email protected]), Chair/Rapporteur
1998-06-28 (final, revised version)
Thomas Baker ([email protected]), Chair/Rapporteur
Tetsuo Sakaguchi ([email protected])
Shigeo Sugimoto ([email protected])
Eric Miller ([email protected])
Dan Brickley ([email protected])
Renato Iannella ([email protected])
Jose Borbinha ([email protected])
Carol Peters ([email protected])
Hachim Haddouti ([email protected])
Michael Freeston ([email protected])
Donatella Castelli ([email protected])
Sarantos Kapidakis ([email protected])
Reginald Ferber ([email protected])
Stefania Biagioni ([email protected])
Catalin Varuara ([email protected])
Hariklia Tsalapata ([email protected])
Anne-Marie Vercoustre ([email protected])
Preben Hansen ([email protected])
Ingeborg Solvberg ([email protected])
Kim H. Veltman ([email protected])
Rita Risso ([email protected])
Bill Town ([email protected])
Amy Friedlander ([email protected])
Giuseppe Romano ([email protected])
Carlo Carlesi ([email protected])
Konstantin Zinchenko ([email protected])
Ron Daniel ([email protected])
Chris Rusbridge ([email protected])
Emil Levine ([email protected])
Claudia di Napoli ([email protected])
Gabriela Ortuzar ([email protected])
Aurore Lester-Smith ([email protected])
Manolis Koukovrakis ([email protected])
Theodora Stathoulia (tstath@central_ntua.gr)
Marcia Nikolaidou ([email protected])


This meeting took place at the Second Euroconference on Digital Libraries, ECDL2 ( http://www.csi.forth.gr/2EuroDL), in Heraklion, Crete. Because of the limited time available for this meeting, Tom Baker simply presented the position paper of the Working Group and introduced some developers of versions of Dublin Core™ in various languages who were present at the meeting.