Webinars in 2017

Joseph Busch, Branka Kosovac
Save the Children (STC) is an international NGO that promotes children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children across the globe.

Dave Clarke
This webinar will demonstrate how to design and build rich end-user search and discovery applications using Linked Data. The Linked Open Data cloud is a rapidly growing collection of publicly accessible resources, which can be adopted and reused to enrich both internal enterprise projects and public-facing information systems.

Mariana Curado Malta
Um perfil de aplicação de metadados (MAP) é um constructo que fornece um modelo semântico para publicação de dados na Web de Dados.

Mariana Curado Malta
A metadata application profile (MAP) is a construct that provides a semantic model for enhancing interoperability when publishing to the Web of Data.

Christina Harlow
With the increasing number of repositories, standards and resources we manage for digital libraries, there is a growing need to assess, validate and analyze our metadata - beyond our traditional approaches such as writing XSD or generating CSVs for manual review.

Bernadette Farias Lóscio, Caroline Burle dos Santos Guimarães, Newton Calegari
There is a growing interest in the publication and consumption of data on the Web. Government and non-governmental organizations already provide a variety of data on the Web, some open, others with access restrictions, covering a variety of domains such as education, economics, ECommerce and scientific data.

Bernadette Farias Lóscio, Caroline Burle dos Santos Guimarães, Newton Calegari
Existe um interesse crescente na publicação e consumo de dados na Web. Organizações governamentais e não-governamentais já disponibilizam uma variedade de dados na Web, alguns abertos, outros com restrições de acesso, abrangendo diversos domínios como educação, economia, segurança, patrimônio cultural, eCommerce e dados científicos.

Osma Suominen
Many libraries are experimenting with publishing their metadata as Linked Data to open up bibliographic silos, usually based on MARC records, to the Web.