Webinar: Me4MAP - A method for the development of metadata application profiles

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Me4MAP - A method for the development of metadata application profiles
Date & Time
24 May 17 00:00 UTC

A metadata application profile (MAP) is a construct that provides a semantic model for enhancing interoperability when publishing to the Web of Data. With a MAP, each property is defined as an RDF vocabulary term with the definition of domain, range, and cardinality. According to the DCMI document "Interoperability Levels for Dublin Core™ Metadata", a MAP is a construct that enhances semantic interoperability. Therefore, when a community of practice agrees to follow a MAP's set of rules for publishing data as Linked Open Data, it makes it possible for such data published the LOD cloud to be processed automatically by software agents.

A MAP is therefore a construct of great importance and the existence of a method for its development is essential to give MAP developers a common ground on which to work. The absence of such a method leads to a non-systematic set of MAP development activities that might result in MAPs with less quality.

This Webinar will present Me4MAP, a method for the development of metadata application profiles. Me4MAP was defined in the context of a PhD and is still now being tested and refined. It is a method that is approached through a software engineering perspective. With Me4MAP, we do not propose a universal solution; rather, our intention is to establish a starting point for the study and design of methods for the development of MAPs.


  • Mariana Curado Malta