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DCMI Education Working Group - 2001

Title: DCMI Education Working Group
Chair: Jon Mason, [email protected]
Chair: Stuart Sutton, [email protected]
Status: This working group is currently inactive under this charter. [New charter]
Established: 1999-08-09
Rechartered: 2000-10-06

The objectives of the Working Group in 2000-2001 are to continue discussion and development of proposals for the use of Dublin Core™ metadata in the description of educational resources. The scope includes educational resources applicable for many national education communities and cross-sectoral communities (e.g., pre-school, K-12, further and higher education, vocational and technical training, and lifelong learning). The Working Group will continue its work in the development of qualifiers to the DCMES and/or domain specific elements, element qualifiers and value qualifiers to describe educational materials for the purpose of enhancing resource discovery.

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Milestones/Deliverables [top]

Scheduled Milestone Description Editor/Contact Status/History
October - November Discussion Time Line: 'dc-ed:level'   Completed
30 November 2000 Proposal for 'dc-ed:level' Jon Mason, Stuart Sutton Completed
October - June Discussion Time Line: 'type' vocabulary Jon Mason  
30 June 2001 Proposal for 'type' vocabulary Jon Mason, Stuart Sutton  
October - August Discussion Time Line: 'dc-ed:audience' refinements    
1 September 2001 Proposal for 'dc-ed:audience' refinements Jon Mason, Stuart Sutton  
October - August Discussion Time Line: teaching/learning processes and characteristics    
1 September 2001 Proposal for teaching/learning processes and characteristics Jon Mason, Stuart Sutton  


Open Issues [top]

A list of as yet unresolved issues, or those ideas or problems that are still under discussion.

  • Resource 'type' vocabulary development - See Milestones/Deliverables for 2000-2001
  • 'dc-ed:audience' element refinement - See Milestones/Deliverables for 2000-2001
  • Teaching/learning processes and characteristics - See Milestones/Deliverables for 2000-2001

Forums [top]

Decisions are made by obtaining a consensus from a broad range of individuals and organizations. Listed here are some of the places where discussions take place:

Working Group mailing list: http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/dc-education.html

Background [top]

Information on discussions and decisions that were used to support the creation of this working group.

History [top]

Information on when this working group was constituted, dates of group meetings and results from those meetings, etc.

Date constituted: 1999-08-09

  • DC-7 Face-to-Face Meetings: October 1999 (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Australian Face-to-Face Meeting: February 2000 (Melbourne, Australia) - Draft Proposal
  • DC-Education Draft Proposal to DC Advisory Committee: 2000-04-30
  • DC-8 Face-to-Face Meetings: October 4-5, 2000 (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Revised DC-Education Draft Proposal to DC Advisory Committee: 2000-10-05
  • Date rechartered: 2000-10-06

Related Work [top]

Links to groups, reports, software, projects, etc. that would be of interest to the participants of this working group.

Resources [top]

Information, standards and reports that were used to support the decisions and discussions in this working group.


2000-10-05: DCMI Education working group meeting at DC-8 in Ottawa. Meeting Report.


1999-10-26 - 1999-10-27: Minutes of the DC 7 WG Frankfurt

Discussion Summaries of Education Metadata Categories (As identified in Frankfurt)

EdNA Study of 10 Education Metadata Projects

DC-Education Study of 6 Education Metadata Projects

2000-02-19 - 2000-02-20: DRAFT Report of the DC-Education Face-to-Face Meeting in Melbourne

2000-04-30: Final Report of Deliberations

Draft Proposal

Draft Proposal (Revised)