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This working group is inactive under this charter.

Working Group Chair(s):

Jon Mason, [email protected]
Stuart Sutton, [email protected]

Working Group Charter:

Note: This working group has been rechartered. [new charter]

The objectives of the working group are to discuss and develop a proposal for the use of Dublin Core™ metadata in the description of educational resources. The scope includes educational resources applicable for many national education communities and cross-sectoral communities (e.g., K-12, further and higher education and lifelong learning).

The working group will develop qualifiers and/or extensions to the Dublin Core™ element set that will describe educational material for the purpose of enhancing resource discovery. It is expected that the resulting metadata will include educational qualifiers that fall within the scope of existing Dublin Core™ elements and potentially some that are specific to the domain of education.

Working Group Announcements:

DC-Education F2F Downunder Meeting
19-20 February 2000
Melbourne, Australia

Meeting Information

Table of Contents

Milestones/Deliverables 2. Open Issues 3. Mailing List 4. Membership 5. History 6. Background and Related Resources


Scheduled Milestone Description Editor/Contact Status/History
August 1999 Formation of the DC Education Working Group Jon Mason, Stuart Sutton Announcement to DC-General
October 1999 WG BOF meeting at DC-7 in Frankfurt Jon Mason, Stuart Sutton  
February 19-20, 2000 Face-to-Face meeting of WG members Jon Mason, Stuart Sutton  
February 2000 First Draft of DC Education metadata Jon Mason, Stuart Sutton  
April 2000 Final Draft of DC-Education metadata Jon Mason, Stuart Sutton  


Open Issues

None at this time.

Mailing List

The forum for discussion of the Education working group is a dedicated Mailbase listserv. Subscription information about how to join this working group and participate in these discussions, along with a list of currently subscribed working group members are additionally provided.



History [top]

Information on when this working group was constituted, dates of group meetings and results from those meetings, etc.

Date constituted: 1999-08-09

Information, standards and reports that were used to support the decisions and discussions in this working group.

DRAFT Report of the DC-Education Face-to-Face Meeting in Melbourne

Open Matters: