DCMI 2023 Daegu

Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea.
2023 November 6th to November 11th

The 21st International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DCMI 2023) is broadening its focus to encompass the entire range of advancements in metadata design, implementation, and best practices. With an emphasis on addressing the unique challenges and opportunities presented in today's diverse and data-rich landscape.

As we are in 2023, the ongoing pandemic has highlighted the importance of addressing biases and prejudice in metadata tools and practices. The metadata community must strive to create fair and equitable representation of data and information resources to promote diversity and inclusion. With the increasing reliance on data in various fields, metadata must be innovative, intelligent, interoperable, sharable, and reusable to support the needs of fields such as linked (open) data, research data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital humanities, and open science. Furthermore, metadata plays a crucial role in information and data management, discovery, sharing, conservation, and reuse, as well as analytics and knowledge discovery, making information more accessible to diverse communities. As data and metadata continue to grow and evolve, the metadata community must adapt and reposition itself to keep pace with new developments in data-driven environments and diverse cultures.