Webinars in 2020

Lei Sa / 萨蕾, Cuijuan Xia / 夏翠娟, Zhiqiang Wang / 王志强, Ruhua Huang / 黄如花, Lu An / 安璐
本次网络研讨会题为“中国元数据发展:多领域应用及实践途径”, 于2020年8月29日举办。会议由武汉大学信息管理学院、武汉大学宣传部、都柏林核心元数据创始计划(DCMI)教育委员会和中国图书馆学会学术委员会共同主办,武汉大学信息管理学院承办。会议使用中文进行主旨演讲、中英双语PPT呈现,萨蕾(国家图书馆)、夏翠娟(上海图书馆)、王志强(中国标准化研究院)、黄如花(中国图书馆学会、武汉大学)以及安璐(武汉大学)五位专家在会上做主旨报告。本次研讨会的中文视频以及英文同声传译视频录像可于DCMI教育委员会YouTube频道观看。

Lei Sa / 萨蕾, Cuijuan Xia / 夏翠娟, Zhiqiang Wang / 王志强, Ruhua Huang / 黄如花, Lu An / 安璐
"Metadata Development in China", a webinar held on 29 August 2020, was co-organized by Wuhan University, the DCMI Education Committee, and the Library Society of China and hosted by the School of Information Management at Wuhan University.

Peter Winstanley
The W3C Data Catalogue ontology (DCAT) is a recommendation for how to publish data catalogues on the web. It can be used by itself, of form the basis of a richer application profile.

Jonathan Ward
This webinar will be a tutorial on the Getty Vocabulary Program’s new OpenRefine reconciliation service for aligning data records to ULAN, AAT, and TGN, including matching terms, cleaning data, and grabbing URIs from the Vocabularies’ Linked Open Data.

Tiago Lubiana
The Wikiproject COVID-19 is working to curate and organization information about COVID-19 on Wikidata and Wikipedia. The scale and pace of a global pandemic have highlighted issues around the consistent structuring of information, such as the scope of geographically-bound statements and the time period of outbreaks, along with challenges for quickly updating information on pages across multiple languages.