Webinar: Getty Vocabulary Program’s OpenRefine reconciliation service

Webinar Details

Getty Vocabulary Program’s OpenRefine reconciliation service
Date & Time
20 Aug 20 00:00 UTC

This webinar will be a tutorial on the Getty Vocabulary Program’s new OpenRefine reconciliation service for aligning data records to ULAN, AAT, and TGN, including matching terms, cleaning data, and grabbing URIs from the Vocabularies’ Linked Open Data. The first half of the presentation will be a general overview of how the service works and its benefits, and the second will focus on advanced techniques.


  • Jonathan Ward

    Jonathan Ward is the Senior Editor of the Getty Vocabulary Program. He has over 20 years’ experience working with thesaurus construction and terminologies for the arts and museum community. He has an MLIS from San José State University and is currently the Vice-Chair of CIDOC, ICOM’s International Committee for Documentation.