Regional Members

Annual Fee (Regular):US$10,000
Governance Structure:Voting

A Regional Member is a voting member of the DCMI Governing Board with the right to brand activities and outcomes as being endorsed by DCMI within a regional locale of influence. A Regional Member is a public entity, a not-for-profit organization, a governmental agency, a quasi-governmental agency or a supra-governmental agency. Regional Members provide an important link between the Dublin Core™ Metadata Initiative as a worldwide activity and the local and regional activities of practitioners. They promote the adoption of Dublin Core™ specifications and best practices, thereby increasing the global network value for all. They help assure the availability of authoritative documentation and maintain translations of base DCMI standards and documentation as appropriate for the locale.

Through their ongoing efforts, Regional Members: (1) help focus a local concentration of expertise to promote deployment and development of DCMI metadata and architectures within the context of a given locale and language environment; and (2) advance the development of a healthy metadata ecology by supporting metadata best practices. As local custodians of the DCMI brand, Regional Members are a critical link in promoting DCMI standards and best practices through educational and training offerings In addition, Regional Members bringing local concerns to the attention of the larger metadata community, thereby improving the international coherence of the overall architecture, semantic content and practice of metadata.


  1. Regional Member status provides the Regional Member with the right to exercise "exclusive coverage" of DCMI-endorsed activities and outcomes within their "Locale of Influence" in the following four areas:
  2. Regional Members actively encourage development of Institutional Member, Supporting Member and Individual Member memberships within the Regional Member's "Locale of Influence";
  3. Regional Members engage in development, organization and delivery of metadata best practice education and training within the "Locale of Influence";
  4. Where applicable, Regional Members promote and manage standardization processes for DCMI specifications within the "Locale of Influence"; and
  5. Where applicable, Regional Members promote and manage translation processes for DCMI specifications and best practice documentation within the "Locale of Influence".
  6. Regional Members appoint a voting representative to the Governing Board and actively participate in deliberations and decisions;
  7. Regional Members receive one free registration for the annual international conference for the Regional Member representative (and additional registrations at a discount). Reduced fees are available for other DCMI events (such as webinars) for the Regional Member representative;
  8. Regional Member logos are linked from the DCMI website, DCMI annual conference website (OCS), and regional meetings websites;
  9. Regional Member memberships and renewals are announced through DCMI's social media channels, RSS feed and other news outlets;
  10. Regional Member can provide information (brochures and other media) for placement in the DCMI annual conference delegate bags and on USB memory drives containing the DCMI proceedings;
  11. Early availability of DCMI 'preview content' (e.g., pre-publication of online tutorials) for the Regional Member representative;
  12. Regional Members can organize event presentations at DCMI annual meeting;
  13. Regional Members can initiate regional events co-organized with DCMI (to the extent DCMI resources permit); and
  14. Regional Member can use the DCMI "Regional Member" logo on its website and in other Regional Member-related media.


  1. Regional Member agrees to an initial membership term of 2 years with optional annual renewals upon payment thereafter;
  2. Payment of a fixed annual membership fee on or before the anniversary date of membership;
  3. Active participation by Regional Member representatives in DCMI governance through contribution to Governing Board deliberations and voting.
  4. Regional Member promotes and manages standardization processes for DCMI specifications within the "locale of influence";
  5. Regional Member provides ongoing reporting to the DCMI community on relevant metadata activity within the Regional Member's "Locale of Influence"; and
  6. Ongoing and active advocacy of activities advancing the well-being of DCMI through the identification of new members in all DCMI membership categories within the "Locale of Influence" and beyond.

Current members in this category

Name DCMI Governing Board Member
The National Library Board of Singapore Haliza Jailani
The National Library of Finland Osma Suominen
The National Library of Korea Sam Oh